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Balls with cocoa in sugar glazing 2,5 kg

Delicious and healthy breakfasts

Weighted balls are delicious, nutritious, healthy breakfast for children and young people. It is made of high quality corn grains and wheat flour. It traditionally includes sugar powder and exceptionally natural additives. At the same time, our crispy balls do not contain any preservatives and sugar substitutes. Nevertheless, due to special technological processing all useful substances are preserved such as fibers, carbohydrates, complex of minerals and vitamins. Weighted balls are ideal for everyday use, made quick and easy, giving you positive energy and good mood.

Production technology: extrusion

Type of dry breakfast: balls

Taste: with cocoa      

Ingredients: white sugar, corn flour, wheat flour of premium quality, rice flour, cocoa powder, syrup, milk powder, confectionery mass, confectionery glaze, table salt.

Outer Corrugated box, 2,5 кг

Nutritional value: per 100 g

6,1 g
1,8 g
Carbo hydrate
83,7 g
Calorific energy