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Original corn sticks with flavour of potato, beef and adzhika 25 g

Original corn sticks are a good snack for your favorite drinks

Original corn sticks with flavour of potato, beef and adjika of TM Potato Boom are a popular chips taste in a new format. Unlike traditional potato chips, our product is not subject to roasting in frying fats. It can be enjoyed without harming the health. They are great for light snacks, as well as snacks for your favorite beverages.

Benefits of corn sticks of TM Potato Boom:

  • original product with a unique recipe;
  • absence of carcinogens, preservatives;
  • a rich selection of popular and favorite tastes.

Production technology: extrusion

Type: original corn sticks

Taste: with potato, beef and adzhika flavour

Ingredients: corn flour, wheat flour, refined deodorized sunflower oil, dry flavour “Beef and adjika”, potato starch, potato flakes, bread crumbles Lyubytelski, flavour additive “Potato with onion”, table salt.
Packaging material Metalized polypropylene bag
Outer Corrugated box, 30 pieces


Nutritional value: per 100 g

5,8 g
16,9 g
Carbo hydrate
57,5 g
Calorific energy

Nutritional value: per 25 g

1,5 g
4,2 g
Carbo hydrate
14,4 g
Calorific energy