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Sweet corn sticks with baked milk flavour 60 g

With love to children!

Corn sticks “Milkyof TM Slasti are made exclusively from natural ingredients using modern technologies. The unique recipe has been developed with love to children, the product is characterized by high content of natural milk and sugar, does not contain sugar substitutes and preservatives.

Production technology: extrusion

Type of dry breakfast: sweet corn sticks

Taste: with baked milk

Ingredients: corn grits or flour, white sugar, refined deodorized sunflower oil, whole milk powder, table salt, liquid flavour “Baked milk”.
Packing type Polypropylene bag
Outer Polyethylene bag, 30 pieces


Nutritional value: per 100 g

6,9 g
17,1 g
Carbo hydrate
71,3 g
Calorific energy