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Instant drink «Ginseng with ginkgo biloba» 50 g

The strength of Ginseng with ginkgo biloba at overstrain

Instant drink «Ginseng with ginkgo biloba» is a good solution for health. Ginseng improves immunity during chills and different virus diseases; helps during long-term physical and psychic overstrain. In the period of recovery of organism after severe diseases, medical operations, in case of neurosis, insomnia, for blood sugar level reduction. Ginkgo biloba improves memory and concentration of attention, slows down ageing process, recovers elasticity and strength of blood vessels.

Ingredients Chicory, ginseng root, ginkgo biloba leaves
Packaging material Cushion, 50 g
Outer Corrugated box, 60 * 50 g
Method of preparation